Armas MiniPULSE - Mini Warning Light, 3 LEDs

Warning Light, 3 LEDs MiniPULSE

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miniPULSE Warning Light, 3 LEDs (passive, without control circuit / surface mount)

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  • Warning Light, 3 LEDs MiniPULSE
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Surface mount type
Passive structure (use with external electronic circuit)
Possibility of alternative use with simple and group work options
Different types of flash
Intensity of light intensified by specially designed lenses
Fresnel lens that emits light
Polycarbonate plastic material resistant to UV and shock
Color options:

LED: red, blue, orange, green, white
Plastic parts: transparent and colorless clear options
3 power LEDs
ECER65 with appropriate configuration
Length: 135mm
Width: 45mm
Height: 38mm
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